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Bc Racing Br Series Coilover Suspension Kit

Coilovers are notorious for a stiff and uncomfortable ride because of how most of them are designed. While lowering your car will almost always call for an increased spring rate, that doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. While not everyone takes their car to the track, knowing that your suspension was developed with performance in mind is confidence inspiring to say the least. BC Racing has been involved in Motorsports for over a decade participating in both Road Racing and Drifting. Although BC Racing North America started in a garage selling affordable off-the-shelf suspension systems, it has morphed into one of North Americas largest custom suspension designers and manufacturers. BC Racing BR EXTREME LOW Coilovers – goes up to 1″ lower than standard BC Racing BR Coilovers. 30 levels of damping force adjustment.

I would highly recommend these Coilovers to anyone considering a performance upgrade or just needing to replace worn-out factory suspension components. BC’s available front and rear camber plates also allow you the perfect alighnment setup without compromise.All this while providing a strong, attractive looking coilover system. Suspension is one of the biggest impact upgrades you can do to your vehicle. Ride height makes a huge visual impact, and changing spring rates and dampening has a huge impact on ride quality and handling.

The factory Bilstein suspension on the Lotus are an inverted design, meaning that the damping portion of the shock is attached to the chassis and does not move up and down with the wheel. This is done to reduce unsprung weight thereby reducing the inertia of the suspension system and improving response. The BC units are not inverted shock bodies, they are reverse of the OEM Lotus suspension. BC did this to ensure a long life of their product as the inverted design tends to exert more lateral and off-axis forces on the shock bodies. In short, this makes them more resistant to the occasional hit from a pothole.

All extreme low kits, swift springs, and custom rates are considered custom builds and will have a lead time of 3-4 weeks before shipping. With 30 levels of damping force plus a variety of spring rates to match, BC coilover can meet whatever requirement the user demands. Their coilovers are designed to function well even at extremely low height without sacrificing shock travel and ride, making them the cover of choice by many people whether it is for show or track use. I’ve been very impressed with the ease of installation and performance of the 6K/8K coilover set on my HHR SS. The installation required a floor jack, two jack stands and a set of hand tools. The installation took me about 6 hours at a slow/med install pace. The BC assembled position proved my HHR with a 1 1/2″ ride height reduction in the front and just over an 1″ reduction in the rear.

Rides nice on the street with no abnormal noises or bouncing. Due to sustained increased demand on our products as well as industry-wide shortages, our lead times for all new orders are increasing. Currently all custom build kit orders are at a 7-8 week ETA, with backordered standard kits standing at a 4-6 week ETA on select applications. Our sales, custom build and tech teams are working as diligently as possible to meet the demands placed on us by our loyal customers.

Our available front and rear camber plates also allow you to get the perfect alignment setup without compromise. BC Racing offers all of these features while providing a strong, attractive-looking coilover system at a reasonable price. The BR Series model is the perfect choice for street driving and the occasional road course or Auto-X duty. With easily accessible adjustment knobs for fine-tuning compression and rebound, in addition a separately adjustable ride height, having a performance coilover system could not be any easier. The driver chooses how low or high they want their vehicle to sit (no preset ride height here!) and a BC Racing patented concave lower locking ring keeps it locked securely in place.

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